You want to detox?

When you choose to detox your body you are helping it to remove the toxins and pollutants that come with living in this world. What we eat and breaths all leave behind toxins that clog our liver and other organs. Eating organic fruits and vegetables is a great way to begin.  Juice fasting will speed the elimination of toxins and if you must eat meat, locate organic meats instead.

Conventionally produced meats give you unwanted growth hormones and antibiotics that were given to that animal as it grew.  Apple cider vinegar can be used as a condiment or a salad dressing and is another good option. Drinking green tea can help with weight loss and it is also an antioxidant. Eat more fiber and use products made organically such as skin care products and soaps.

For those who love chocolate, did you know that dark chocolate is excellent for detox? Some people call it a super-food because of the properties it contains that are outstanding for anyone who wants to detox.  If you have a green thumb, then you already have houseplants that also neutralize the environment inside your home.  All these ideas are simple ways for you to help your body to be clean and healthy.

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Cancer research

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading independent charity dedicated to cancer research. Cancer Research carries out scientific research to help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. They have discovered new ways to beat cancer that together have saved hundreds of thousands of lives across the world. Cancer Research’s TV campaigns feature real people – cancer survivors, patients and their loved ones illustrate the impact that Cancer Research UK has had on their lives. They have also featured cancer doctors in the past, whose research is funded by the organisation, to illustrate the progress they are making.

The stories in Cancer Research TV ad illustrate the progress they have made but also highlight that there is still a lot more work to do.

Karen’s Story

Karen’s daughter Eden passed away in 2010 aged just 10, two years after she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Karen and partner Paul were initially worried when Eden started having headaches and vomiting.

“She was such a live wire – always the life and soul of the party,” said Karen. “She loved all types of dance and was involved in lots of different shows. She was never a sickly child, so we were very concerned.”

Karen and Paul took Eden (right) to the GP and hospital before an MRI scan revealed a medulloblastoma, a tumour which can affect movement and coordination. She had surgery to remove the tumour and amazed everyone by being back on her feet within days before starting chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She was doing well and was back dancing and at school, as well as taking part in cancer awareness campaigns.

Her relapse at the start of 2010 was a complete shock to the family. Eden was put on a clinical trial and initial results were promising.

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