Bali: An Enchanting Luxury Yacht Charter Treat

Are you planning for your next holiday destination? Visiting Bali will give you an exotic holiday treat for you to be entertained and be amazed of the destination's richness in culture and scenic views. You will definitely experience a one-of-a-kind luxury yacht charter as you explore Balinese forms of entertainment, local food specialties, stunning beaches, and unusual rituals and activities.

Here are some of the places and things you can do when you visit this exotic holiday destination.

Bali Spa And Health Treatment

Bali has a wide array of spas and health treatment centers that you can choose from. This variety of treatment facilities are expected since Balinese are health-conscious and very disciplined with their body, mind, and soul. The spa treatments are very relaxing and soothing as they like to use and incorporate several herbs and essences on your treatments. Some of the favorites from tourists are the special massages, flower baths, and natural body scrubs.

Balinese spas are well-known also for its all natural ingredients and essences, which is a must-try for everyone. When you visit Bali aboard your private super yacht, you should never miss an opportunity to get one of the world's best spa treatments in one of the facilities you find comfortable with.

Big Tree Farms

This is the most exciting trip for those chocolate lovers as Big Tree Farms offers a wide selection of chocolate tastes and mixtures.

This exotic holiday destination will keep you craving for more chocolates as you can participate with the local farmers on their chocolate factory in the production of certain divinely delicious chocolates. You can book a tour ahead with your representative from or alternatively your captain can handle that.

Elephant Safari Tour

Bali is famous for its elephant safari and sanctuaries. Make sure you book an Elephant Safari Tour, so you can experience feeding elephants, watch them do some tricks, and even enjoy sightseeing while riding an elephant, which is the most exciting feature of the day tour for most tourist.

This is something that you can't do every day or anywhere, so grab this chance while in Bali on your boat.

Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot is a sacred temple which is important for the locals and famous for the tourists. What makes this sacred temple more stunning is that it stands on a rocky foundation which is just on the beachfront of Tabanan coastline. When you visit this exotic destination, you will surely be enchanted with its appealing beach views and how the locals protect this significant temple.

Balinese are religious people and you will definitely see how they honor their religion and culture. Aside from this lovely temple structure on the rocky formation, the sunset behind the temple will take your breath away.

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